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How does it work? We use ephemeris for plus years to generate to your chart. Then, we store all the parameters associated with your chart for analytical purpose. Once this is complete, we request our users to attend a survey. The survey contains a personal questionnaire which we map with the horoscope data points previously stored. We also leverage the vedic intelligence that has been transmitted by the sages several thousand years back.

When Astrology came to practice? I am atheist! Why should i consult? Astrology is Astronomy,it deals with the universal laws. Spirituality is cultural formation. If you believe in creation of universe is related to human evolution,you can consult HoraTara. Raavan hailed from uttar Pradesh of India and then went to Lanka.. Even all the Sinhalese people of srilanka are of Indian descent..

Srilanka was a part of India in antiquities.. Hahahaha… admin is too reluctant to accept the suggestions and asking for citations and references and bla blah blah.. So If you want the evidences I suggest you to read vedas first. Maybe you may not accept even then because you ask for proofs on the internet even for the Vedas. So I would suggest you to move from internet of things to history of things, everything is not available on internet. Internet is too young to written scripts. You might not understand the vedas because they were written in Sanskrit. Dear Justsaying, thank you for your comments.

I am not sure if you understand that science demands evidence. People claim that exotic aerospace technology existed on Earth thousands of years ago. If that is true there must be evidence such as archeological remains of these flying machines and their support equipment and manufacturing plants , traces of their exhaust products in polar ice etc. So where is this evidence? If I have said anything like this it was not deliiberate and I apologise. Dear Admin, You are asking for evidence again and again. Its obvious that you have decided NOT to listen to anybody. This is a western production who are have tried to ignore anything Indian but are unable to explain the existence of Dwaraka and Gulf of Khambat and they are unable to understand the technology used in construction of these dwellings.

It has not corroded for centuries. Does your present day science has explanation? So, it is a mystery whether ancients anywhere ever possessed technology to make flying machines but you also can it say it never happened. There is a lot of knowledge, that has been shut down, to keep humanity in the dark. Yes they had beam ships that could travel among the stars the people were more advanced than we are today, for thousands of years we have been held in the dark of ignorance reinforced by so called universities which is really another form of brain washing.

For humanity to understand the true reality first we have to set ourselves free, from this false reality No longer will the power elite be able to keep us in the dark by fear, false belief systems such as religions, etc. I time must come and it is now for millions to wake up, then we will move forward at a fantastic speed. Imagine a world where there are no wars, no misery, no sickness, no one would ever age, we would all stay healthy and young.

Humanity ha no idea of how free they should be. When people stop being sheep and stop believing the lies and do their own research into to the true nature of reality, then there will be a sudden turn around.

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At the moment many are trapped and the globalists know it, and intend to keep it that way, because it serves their agenda. The world should be free no wars, no religions which wee designed to entrap you. I am afraid you will discover that most of what you have been told about this story is untrue. I am sorry to say that I will not discuss the rest of your comments as our institution does engage in analysis of religious beliefs.

First i like to thank author for such fantastic information. Its happy to see light been throne on our precious shastras, Ancient Indian science becoming more curious day by day as archeology findings finding more evidence technology mentioned in shastras. I think this is similar kind of energy source described in wed used for vimanas, but not sure. He patented this and disclosed to industry. He made me to believe Shastra, become inspiration for me to follow his path and make contribution to science and bring glory to country and bring better tech for mankind.

Dear Rajath, thank you for your comments. Do you have any supporting evidence for any of the statements you have made or do they only reflect your personal beliefs? I have read more books and created a very positive thoughts about king rawanan or shivadasan! He was well built worier , expert in Ayurvedic medicine , musician and expert in aeronotic! But one small point is that , Raman constructed bridge for entering to Srilanka , while ravanan had flying machine! Then think who was superior or advanced? And sigiriya castle was the palace of ravan , but history says king kasiyappa constructed the sigiriya!

While visiting sigiriya could realize the construction talent of ravanan!

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And his architecture talent …,. Dear Affath, thank you for your comments, but do you have any supporting evidence or are these just your personal beliefs? Content removed. Unfortunately I cannot see the relevance of your speculations to this article so I suggest you find another venue to publish them. How can you fight our forefathers by means of science which actually consists of nothing itself : Science is comparison of comparison with comparison.

Dear Goutam, unfortunately I have been away from the Planetarium and have been unable to moderate these comments. Thank you for your patience. May be it is true that some ancient civilizations were much more technologically advanced than us. All the thing we can just imagine because we can not go to the past to see what actually happened at that time. As because we can not confirm say why some of the strangest to modern human ancient architectures be it a temple now or be it some pyramids or stones etc.

We will never say confirm until we build a time machine. Regarding the use of mercury, it may be true that it had some use in ancient times. May be it is what NASA now wants to experiment on. So what? So what is wrong in it? And also regarding the Ancient Aliens theory, Eric Von Daniken had asked many questions, not answered those. As a scientific mind , I am considering those questions very seriously and I can only imagine on what ever would be the possibilities. It is not that the case that if you do not find any logic , you should bring a Alien or God.

To me , if you do not have any answer , keep quite and let be it a mystery rather than explaining it with the basis of your imagination. In ancient era, it was Religion, Now, it is Science although both are based on experimentally possible assumptions. It is entirely my own personal view. Coming back to the point of discussion, My believe is that I can not say someone is not taking any references from something else as long as I am not that someone.

If vimana old flying machines have no prove to be existed. Then how can be it found in Afghanistan cave….. Please can you do this? Dear Nia, thank you for your response, but this website you have linked to is not any respected news media source. How do you know what it is saying is true? Are you sure this story is not just a retelling of the science fiction film The Objective? M just a curious person who found this article on net. Why feb. Is of 28 n 29 days…. Is it related to earth axis or rotation…..? Dear Nia, thank you for your question.

If we said every year was or days long, over the centuries the seasons would go out of sync with the months. To prevent this the practice of scheduling a leap day every fourth year was introduced. This is added to February since Roman times. The full story about this is complicated but briefly the original Roman calendar which was based more on politics than astronomy had days and ended in February. This would rapidly cause the seasons to shift, so every two years February was split into two halves with an extra month in the middle giving a year of or days long. In the first century BCE the Julian calendar which is much more modern with a day year, 28 day February and every four years a leap day between February and March was inserted.

By medieval times in Europe the leap day was added to February as February 29th and this has continued when the Gregorian Calendar used today was introduced. Thank you, all the people of India who have commented here to counter the opinion of the author.

I have learned so much, thank you for all the amazing information! I know you will find this another ridiculous comment, but I will make it anyway. Do you believe that is an actual photograph you have posted of the Dawn spacecraft with the dwarf planet Ceres? Thanks for the article! Dear Janine, thank you for your comments. To avoid any possible misunderstanding I shall amend the caption. If you can find anything that is not based on fact in this article let us know and the article will be changed to reflect that.

Science is about evidence, bring fresh evidence to the table and we will update this to reflect the new knowledge. To add credibility to any advanced technology described in our ancient texts or inscriptions, we first need to uncover the texts and practically implement the methods and prove the references. If we really want to take pride from our culture and history, its vital to prove its credibility. Please take my comment in positive way and work something constructive rather than being silent spectators and take false pride.

I am from India and all I want to say to the admin is that you have an extraordinary amount of patience! Almost all the comments here made by my fellow countrymen are profoundly lacking in — credible citations, logical consistency, scientific rigour, and are quite cringeworthy to say the least. These people are no better than those bible thumping zealots who believe the earth to be years old. The ability to fly is like playing with toys. In Ramayana the Ramaa setu is there. Even now its there. Its made of special rock which is not available in the whole world. If western people do researches and proove its correct then its correct.

If we people do researches and proove its correct even then its wrong. Why so? Atlantis city is not yet discovered. But western people still say it exist. Great fiction. But Dwaraka nagar of Lord Krishna is under water and is prooved fact. Western country has no history like we Indians have. When middle East countries attacked India it is said that many of our ancient universities were destroyed which contained lots of books of vedas and many knowledge.

We Indians have now come to know what knowledge we have from our ancestors. Otherwise it will happen like how during independence how british took away the precious Kohinoor daimond from India. Atleast now we can take care of all these books and knowledge we have. Dear Mohanraj, thank you for your comments.

Ancient Vedic Aliens

You must understand that it is essential for you to supply evidence if your assertions are to be believed. Many of our friends just exhibit their pride of our culture more instead of putting forth evidences for their claim that ancient Indian or Tamil culture had most advanced flying objects. One cannot blindly accept the excuse that all the scientific evidences were destroyed during the years of Brirish rule. How then did the Vedic scriptures survived? Who else would have more pride than we if we are proved to be a more advanced race in the earth?

Not giving man a chance to wipe the dust off his eyes. BY Joseph Mosijowsky. Devotee are not feel science and fact…. And India talent escape from India….!! Devotee Crowds here in…India are dangerous for research and development and also for democracy. If something is found in written. This article is quite interesting. I am bit curious about what happens to gaseous mercury, how those magnets separates the ions? Can you please throw some light?

If you need a proper picture I can email you. I have one comment for this scientific entity We live in a universe of infinite possibility. Surely The time space continuum Had been proposed by spiritual sages But not accepted by science until 15 years After Einsteins drafts — Science takes the position of reductive reasoning as method , fine for the Macro world a fiasco For the quantum. Which we now find our selves in. Certainly Einsteins : Imagination is more important than knowledge Puts us in the right direction as approach.

Super crunch computers will be able to replicate but never Superceed human imagination which in alpha state. Their not human biologic entities. Has acess to other dimensional realms the Akashic Record and the spirit world. Proven Concepts and realities still Criticized By reductionist of mainstream science.

Their dogmatic precept. Science without spirituality is lame. Has access to other dimensional realms , the Akashic record And the spirit world. But Reductive reasoners Proven Concepts and realities still Criticized By reductionist of mainstream science. And their dogmatic precept. Not quite, there are fundamental rules for example causality, the laws of thermodynamics, values of physical constants which limit the range of possible events.

Not everything is possible! Surely The time space continuum Had been proposed by spiritual sages But not accepted by science until 15 years After Einsteins drafts —. I will need good evidence before I accept this as true. Ambiguous metaphysical metaphors are not the same as a testable scientific theory. Science takes the position of reductive reasoning as method , fine for the Macro world a fiasco For the quantum. This is not correct, why do you think it is?

Every experiment in quantum mechanics or device which exploits quantum mechanics was designed to use or test this field of knowledge use scientific principles. I know there are people who want to think that quantum mechanics is magical but at best this is childish ignorance, at worst a dishonest attempt to support supernatural beliefs. Superceed human imagination which in alpha state. Einstein wrote a lot, and you can find quotes to support just about anything in his non-scientific works.

The same year as he wrote those words quoted above, Einstein wrote. No interpretation, no matter how subtle, can change this for me. Dear Admin, First offal sorry for asking questions about medicine based. You are giving the reference of Hollywood movies, which are imaginary. Moreover, impulse rate of mercury beem diameter is 10cm- is grater than xenon beem diameter is13cm Please comment. I want to give you some references of existing of vimanas in ancient times ie. Can we take them to count or not please comment. Most intresting this is, the rock was crafted from all sides perfectly to rectangular.

If we think about it, how much machinery is requited in these days to lift and craft it and how did they done those days. Please see this wesite -ancient-origins. Please give some clarification to me. One more thing, it means NASA sents their missions on their fate. Without properly checking them, I may be because I already told you that I am half beliver of god and quarter beliver of science agree with you but NASA never be.

Please clarify. Dear K Prabhakar, thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I do not understand many of your points. For example I do not see what you mean in your movie comments. The stone block you refer to is not dated to BC, but from the 1st century BC. It is in a quarry used at that time by Roman engineers and cut by the same techniques used across Europe by the Romans.

We know that Romans and other ancient peoples used rollers, ramps, levers etc to move blocks tons plus in weight, presumably they hoped to do the same here. This stone is in no way evidence for extraterrestrial visitations. Questions about history and archeology would be better addressed to experts in those fields. I still do not understand what you are really asking with your queries on manufacturing and testing.

Rockets, spacecraft and all their components are tested as thoroughly as is feasible. Testing of components is done to specifications which say how much testing is acceptable based on, among other things, the cost of testing compared to the cost of failure and the estimated probability of failure. Please remember, this comments section is for discussing the articles on our blog, it is not just for posting general questions on topics that interest you.

But why does toxicity matter in a space propulsion system? Dear Nimal, yes, exactly, mercury is horribly toxic and difficult to clean up. Even decontaminating after laboratory testing was unaffordable. There were probably worries about mercury being scattered across the environment if the launch vehicle exploded too. Dear K, please be patient, comments to this blog are moderated 9am-5pm UK time , Monday to Friday only.

It is very interesting debate.

I am from India, but never believed the theory of Vimanas. Therefore, I felt probably some credence needs to be given. But you have clarified its origin, and I thank you for that. The whole series of 14 episodes was impressive in the beginning, when some facts were presented on impossibility of some constructions in the past without alien help. Yet, as you progress through the series of episodes, it appears to be humbug and defies logic. Still, I am wondering what is mercury vortex engines as Hitler too used some sort of mercury in the world war II.

Dear Diamondblue, thank you for your comments. It is a thoughtful response. Of course, it can neither be proven nor disproven. I do agree that then relatively advanced civilisations of South Asia were laid waste by centuries of Moslem and then European invasions. As many histories of science have shown, South Asian civilisations did possess superior knowledge of mathematics, science and technology.

Even if the maths does not meet present day standards of proof and the science does not satisfy present day experimental standards. However, that is by the by. I came by this article because someone sent me a whatsapp post that made somewhat the very same claims examined in this article. Obviously, I took it with a very big lump of salt, but was intrigued enough to want to check out the provenance of these claims. I am struck by two things — and AGN has already pointed these out — one, the incredulity of large numbers of supposedly educated of my countrymen in India, knowledge of English is indicative of some exposure to a modern educational system , and two, the patience and courtesy displayed by Admin in his replies to these persons.

Dear Darshan, thank you for your comment, but you will need to clarify them. I do not know what you mean when you say. I thank you for your objective analysis based on information that was available to you.

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Some of my Indian friends above, in their zeal to contradict, have not been fair and objective as you have been. Please overlook their tone and i request you to look further into some of the points raised or which may still be available but you might have overlooked. Such texts have been unanimously dated to have been written thousands of years ago. Without going into whether Rig veda gives an enabling disclosure i practice patent law ; of an aircraft, I find it very fascinating to see that such documents, dated thousand years old, even talk about ideas such as flight using mercury, heat, solar power.

Of course, more evidence is needed to actually find a workable model or disclosure. Initially even i rejected such ideas but i came across a paper by some enthusiastic engineering students from india at this link. I am not sure if that linked paper was genuinely scientific or a good example of confirmation bias. However it does merit some further research. I do think that there were advancements in technical thinking in the ancient texts and imagination is always an important leading factor of scientific breakthroughs — However I do not consider H.

Wells and Albert Einstein to be in the same league. Not even close. Jst forget abt the Indian culture and all the other traditional mythical everything , Can you westeners or other people who are criticizing that facts that so called rumours explain how the geoglyphs formed and stonehedge now one knows how it formed. There were aliens who we considered the mythical gods and their flying machine everything. Our and your gods all are mythical true as per epics. When there is a fact that is a fact that everyone should believe. Almost the epic around the world are bit similar. Dear Vamsi, thanks for your comments.

Thousands of archaeologists and historians would beg to differ! For a start see this link. Ravan vimana plane is found in afganistan and it is put inside time well from where it could not be taken out some of us soldiers have been lost removing plane,which runs on vortex engine. Serch on google its true. Dear Amar, surely you must understand that something is not automatically true just because it has been published on the internet? Dear Amar, I believe that you have confused fiction with fact. You seem to be describing the science fiction film The Objective made in , this is definitely fictional, the script was written by Daniel Myrick, Mark A.

Patton and Wesley Clark Jr. Well can provide you one which is still standing on this face of earth. This is an example of metallurgical expertise. There is no such fine technology present anywhere in the current world which can replicate the same process, not even with developed nations. Yes you can process IRON to the purity level of This is what my fellow brothers were telling about the ancient science of Indian Subcontinent.

Dear Ravindra, thank you for your link but I hope you understand that the existence of this example of amazing craftmanship does not prove the twentieth century hoax of ancient flying machines to be true. By the way, we are in no way denying the rich history of science and technology in India. Astronomers in India built tremendous instruments and observatories, sadly more people seem interested in fantasies and hoaxes than these real achievements. Dear admin, this is my first ever coment on others coment. I am completely agree with what you have said.

Threre is no existence god all the mythology is imaginary of anicents. Just I am a matriculated. But, I have some doubts in my mind which needs clarifications please help me. Every one has same size of brain approximately as per science, but, every persons thoughts are different, even we came from hardly one or two branches of home sapience or something else.

Even after biological brothers or sisters and one more thing even their genes are different why? Which still not understood to me, no one think to fly till one or two centuries before. In between philosopher like Socrates or one who uses his brain much more than any body else i. It means who is more inteligent?

If we made contact with aliens, how would religions react?

Moreover, we are proving that he is ringht by flying in the sky. I hope we all human kind not only Indians might be prove that we can travel from one planet to another in near future. Beause, we started thinking about it now only. How many deceases initially borne in India and spread in the world?

I have lot Of doubts to ask you if you can reply me. I think the rumers are right because there is a cause there even after 40 years of first mission no other man mission to moon has not been sent by NASA to know water, minerals, etc. If you have any tape to prove, I am not going accept you because there are lot space travelling Hollywood movies I have seen and I think you also seen them I alredy told that you are right because I also thinks like you.

Tell me now how can you going to prove it? Please reply me because this is my first comment. Your eagerly waiting brother. Dear K, thank you for your questions. I am sorry I had to edit your post but you must understand that it was extremely long words and also that a large portion was relating to your medical experiences and opinions on the medical profession.

We are astronomers and not doctors here, we are not qualified to judge the validity of your claims. I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. I cannot answer that as it is far removed from my field. Really you need to put this question to a neurologist. I can answer this as I have previous worked in aerospace manufacturing.

Components of aircraft, rockets, spacecraft etc are made by people. Every person no matter how skilled can make errors so occasionally a substandard part is made. Usually this is not as bad as it sounds as aircraft and rockets are highly over-engineered to prevent a single component failure leading to disaster, but sometimes this is not enough leading to a crash or mission failure.

For spacecraft too, you must remember that they can be unique designs so there may not be the experience to know where failures can occur. This is very off-topic but I can say that the Apollo Moon missions are some of the best and most thoroughly documented events in history.

Was NASA Technology Predicted in Ancient Indian Writings? – Astronotes

In addition the body of scientific and engineering knowledge developed for the Apollo project and discovered through it is used daily by astronomers, geologists and engineers. All this field of knowledge is a complete and self-consistent set of evidence. Everyone who uses it accepts that the Moon landings occurred as reported, just as biologists accept that whales are mammals and historians accept that World War One began in You really need to read our articles on the Apollo missions link especially 5 Goofy Moonlanding Hoax Theories link and Apollo the truth about the lost Moon missions link.

Dear admin. I read full replies.

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In addition to ADHD and other diagnoses, Indigos are also often highly attuned to things that others cannot see. It was and still is a very scary experience. On the other hand, the sensitivity can bring about a feeling of connectivity. For instance, Marie Velan spent her childhood talking to the wildlife around her home in Seattle. The year-old would hold conversations with birds in her treehouse and could sense when a stray cat was going to have kittens before it was visibly apparent.

Indigo children are not the personality type to accept rules and authority at face value. Instead, they choose to be led by their internal values and their innate sense of integrity above all else. This means growing up at odds with authoritarian figures like parents and teachers. You are an empath. When Indigos are unaware of this trait, it can lead to depression and a sense of feeling overwhelmed.

You have psychic abilities. Often, Indigos have an innate connection to the spirit world, which can include seeing or feeling ghosts.